Termites have a pronounced preference for moisture. The eaten wood corridors provide sufficient space and moisture for fungi, which further destroy the eaten wood.

However, since our wood is mechanically dried to a residual moisture of 10-12%, it offers sufficient termite protection.
But to be on the safe side, we also oil our wood with a natural oil to protect against termites.


Wood preservatives

Biocide-free, preventative wood protection that fights insects and fungus, with tested effectiveness (acc. to EN 46 and EN 113).
TCM WOODBLISS is a biocide-free coating with environmentally-friendly ingredients (see complete declaration) for the preventative and combative treatment of wood and wood products against plant and animal pests. TCM WOODBLISS is suitable for living spaces, odourless, and free of emissions. It is diffusion-open. The compressive strength is increased in the treated areas (depth of penetration). The dimensional stability of wood treated on all sides is improved.
The action is based on the alteration of wood cell walls through accumulation of modified silicic acid and its transformation into stable, thin-layered silica crystals (solidified silica gel). Thus wood becomes, up to the depth of penetration, permanently unrecognizable and unusable to wood pests. Infested wood becomes stabilized. Already present fungal structures are physically killed by the mechanical destruction of their cell structure resulting from the silicification and high alkalinity. Insects get stuck as they try to bore through the wood or due to the drenching of their boreholes. After external application, the insects‘ reproduction is interrupted by the silicification of the wood surface. Further infestation is prevented.
Ingredients according to complete declaration: abietic acid („tree acid“; present in trees), wood sugar, silicic acid, lignin, natural vegetable resins, vegetable colouring, silicates, potash, vegetable oils, xanthan as thickening agent, water as solvent, cellulose
TCM WOODBLISS is employed for preventative and combative wood protective treatment. Suitable for use against longhorn beetles, termites, anobium and fungi such as mold, bark fungus, pore fungus, dry rot, etc. Suitable for old and new woods of all current wood types, indoors and outdoors.