Liquid wallpaper made of cotton are
  • breathable
    • Heat and sound insulation
    • Easy to use
    • a natural product
    • Stable long
    • at any time ausbesserbar
    • decorative
    • livable
    • particularly popular in stairwells
    Advantages of liquid wallpaper :
    The main advantages of liquid wallpaper :
    • No pasting , trimming, no waste
    • It thus achieve a uniform surface without seams and hems
    • The material is biologically (renewable raw materials ) and no odor
    • The cotton wallpaper remains breathable and sound-absorbing and insulating
    • You can also process the cotton wallpaper in humid areas because it affects moisture-regulating
    • Very important: damaged areas can easily be mended later. Small cracks and holes can thus be compensated
    • The lifetime is very long, because the material has anti -static properties
    • Upon request, we will mix for you , individual color schemes