The old year is coming to an end and a new one is just around the corner.
Therefore festive season greatings from EuroMbao and a big thank you.

After a really special, difficult and for some unfortunate year, now is the time to look ahead and overcome the crisis that has developed this year.
Light shimmers in the distance, and we want to capture this light together and make it grow.
Let us all boldly and energetically look ahead and leave the old year behind us so that we can laugh and be happy together again in 2021 and the sick can get well.
We at EuroMbao believe that we can only overcome this crisis as a community and that this makes it more united and stronger for the future.
We wish everyone a relaxing and healthy festive season and a happy new year.
Let’s start positively in 2021 !!!
Lovely wishes
Eva, Naomi, Beo