Business philosophy Green Card

In today’s business world, sustainability means different things to different companies. Not only are we making a sustainable product, we believe that the way we do business and live every day should be based on our planet and society doing the right thing. In short, whenever and wherever we can, we recycle, reuse or reduce in order to conserve and protect our natural resources and our ecosystem. We rely on four basic principles.

1. Curb the progressive build-up of substances extracted from the earth’s crust, such as heavy metals and fossil fuels
2. Reduce the use of chemicals and emissions produced by society such as dioxins, PCBs and DD
3. Preservation of nature, forests, critical habitats for wild animals and natural processes.
4. Enabling people to meet their basic human needs independently, for example through training and fair working conditions.

In summary, we believe that sustainable entrepreneurship and solid profitable growth can be combined. We believe that environmental protection and economy can complement each other and the results benefit society. By reducing the need for petroleum-based products and using maps made from sustainable forest products, we can help reduce harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to a sustainable planet for the next generation. It’s a success for us.

Wood and cardboard are an inexpensive, durable and reliable green alternative to plastic.
Practically all types of card products such as access cards for hotels, payment cards, customer cards and gift cards can be made from wood or cardboard. The same functions and features are used here as with conventional plastic cards. Be it a contactless chip technology (RF-ID), magnetic strips, a signature field, a barcode, various finishing methods … the possibilities are diverse.

Use for:
Hotel, clubs, shopping mall, banks and so on